Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Mini Quadcopter (Morphite 155X FPV)

I've been flying my Morphite 180 racing quadcopter for a few months after building it over the summer. FPV is new to me, but it's been tons of fun so far! Here's some DVR footage:

 I decided to do some upgrades to it (stay tuned for more info), and decided to build something new with the leftover parts. Say hi to the 180's younger brother, the 155x:

Old vs. New

Components stripped from the old frame

Here's a shortlist of parts:

Then started putting everything back together. The 155x has a lot less space to mount components compared to the 180, so I need to keep all wiring connections short and be careful with every placement.

This cheapo Ebay variable voltage regulator will feed my FPV gear about 7.8 volts, hopefully filtering some of the ESC/Motor noise as well. I may later add an LC filter inline.

Motor wires braided and soldered
All components wired together

Motor wire get braided, and everything is wired together. I use a diode in the vTX's 5V output to the camera, to drop voltage to about 4.7V. The image is washed out closer to 5V.

As you can tell, the wiring in this build is very minimal! This is to keep weight down and to better fit everything on the small frame. There are only three connectors in use, total; everything else is a direct solder joint.

All finished!

A little bit of elbow grease fitting everything together, as well as layers of doublestick tape above and below the voltage regulator to provide insulation, and we're done. More beauty shots below:

Seen here with my Walkera Devo 6s controller, running DeviationTX firmware.

Maiden footage below:

No tune, no LC filter, no flying skills etc. Still amazed by how fast and agile this frame is. Flying 1000mAh 3S.


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